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Detecting and Mitigating Fraud in Participant Direction

Carol Bohnet & Karen Hansen, Allied Community Resources, David Horvath & James Steadman, Public Part
Financial Management Services, Quality, Support Services
Presentations & Handouts
fms conference, fe/a, fmsa, fraud, abuse, quality

While research shows that incidences of fraud are not any more prevalent in participant direction than other service models, programs must constantly contend with how to minimize fraud. Speakers from Allied Community Resources share promising practices for an FMS provider’s role in fraud education, prevention and detection. Presenters from Public Partnerships, LLC focus on the variety of approaches that programs take when performing background checks on direct service workers. Presenters provided an inventory of background check methodologies from over 25 programs, focusing on the type of check that is performed and what happens if a worker’s background check reveals a negative history. The session was part of the 2011 FMS Conference.

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