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Comparing the Cost of Participant-Directed Services to Traditional Services

Marc Fenton, Public Partnerships, LLC, Elizabeth Jones, Texas Division of Aging and Disability Serv
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Federal agencies, such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Administration on Aging and the Veterans Health Administration have recognized the opportunity for participant direction to provide person-centered, individualized support and have supported the creation of systems that support this culture shift. Due to the current economic climate, one of the greatest barriers to the growth of this option is the lack of clarity regarding its true costs. While some states are threatening to slash participant direction programs given perceptions pertaining to costs, others are developing new participant direction options with the hope of providing more cost-effective services with limited funding.

Ms. Jones and Mr. Fenton present on their experiences comparing the costs of participant-directed services and traditional services using data from four states. The speakers focus on the implications of the data, its limitations and opportunities for future research. The session was part of the 2011 FMS Conference.

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