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Promising Practices in Financial Management Services

John Carmichael, GT Independence, Dianne Kayala, NRCPDS, Dina Sanz, JEVS Supports for Independence
Financial Management Services, Support Services
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fms conference, fe/a, fmsa, budget methodology, enrollment

Participant Direction programs and providers of FMS constantly strive to improve the quality of programs. Enrolling participants as employers of their own staff is a critical element of any program that uses a Fiscal/Employer Agent model of FMS, and, if not handled properly, this task can be frustrating for participants and a resource drain for Fiscal/Employer Agents. Mr. Carmichael shares best practices for enrolling participants as employers, both with in-person meetings and remote services. Often, involvement in a participant direction program is a participant’s first experience hiring, training and managing employees. Ms. Sanz shares a training module aimed at supporting participants to be successful employers of their own workers.

While employer authority is a common focus of participant direction programs, many programs also support participants to develop and manage their own individual budgets. Ms. Kayala shares three proven methodologies for developing participant budgets in participant direction programs. The session was part of the 2011 FMS Conference.

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