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Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA) Core Standards

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Financial Management Services, Program Design, Quality
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Financial Management Services, FMS, fiscal/employer agent, F/EA, membership

The FMS Membership F/EA Core Standards is a set of standards that our FMS members follow and consider to be best practices in the provision of Fiscal/Employer Agent Services. These standards are informational and are not a set of rules to be enforced. Application will differ from program to program according to state and local regulations and the services requested by program administrative entities.

The F/EA Core Standards provide guidance around the following topic areas:

•General Principles

•Administrative operations

•Customer Service

•Record Management: All of the following should be in compliance with state rules and regulations regarding security and confidentiality in recordkeeping

•Disaster Recovery Plan


•Quality Management

•F/EA Operations

•Participants hiring workers

•Participants using services of an independent contractor or vendor

•Tax processes


•Budgets, Service Authorizations and Spending Plans

•Billing and Reimbursement

•Payroll & payment processes

Available Files

  • Fiscal/Employer Agent Core Standards (19 pages - 562.55 KB) Download
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