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VD-HCBS: Sustainability Guidance

Merle Edwards-Orr
Support Services, Veterans
Reports, Resource Guides, Topic Specific Tools
program sustainability, Veterans, VAMC

The following resources were developed to guide Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) in making a case for the sustainability of their local VD-HCBS Program. The resources include the Local Sustainability Guide, sample reports from other VAMCs, and an article from the Federal Practitioner about sustainability in VD-HCBS.

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Available Files

  • Local Sustainability Guidance (Revised November 2015) (6 pages - 111.42 KB) Download
  • Boston VD-HCBS Executive Summary (4 pages - 306.97 KB) Download
  • Chilicothe Sustainability Slides - VD-HCBS Quarterly Webinar: June 2013 (21 pages - 790.06 KB) Download
  • Federal Practitioner Article: Milwaukee VD-HCBS Program Comparison (7 pages - 468.97 KB) Download
  • VD-HCBS Training: Local Sustainability Guidance Slides (16 pages - 667 KB) Download
  • A Self-Directed Care Model for Mental Health Recovery (3 pages - 65.16 KB) Download
  • IndependentChoices Final Report (21 pages - 632.81 KB) Download
  • Effects of Cash and Counseling on Personal Care and Well-Being (21 pages - 135.27 KB) Download
  • The Effects of Cash and Counseling on Medicaid and Medicare Costs (96 pages - 804.74 KB) Download
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